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Title-Appraisal-Survey-Liquor License Transfer

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Liquor License Transfers

We specialize in the buying & selling of restaurants and bars. Don’t hire an expensive attorney. ROBERT MICHAELS handles all the paperwork necessary for the liquor license transfer.

Commitment to Excellence

ROBERT MICHAELS was founded on the idea that a “real estate agent” has to be more than a salesperson that sells homes. Founder and broker, Michael Hess has worked and excelled in every aspect of the real estate business. Commitment to excellence – meaning expertise in all realms of this business, title, survey, finance, appraisal, negotiation, and customer service.

Competence, a golden rule of ethics, and exceptional customer service is what sets ROBERT MICHAELS apart from the industry. All agents that work for ROBERT MICHAELS are instructed, guided, and expected to embody excellence.

If you need help with liquor license transfers, or aren’t sure of the proper steps to buy or sell your property – Contact Us Today.



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